February 2013 - Waitangi Day Celebration

Waitangi Day Celebrations

Te Awe in conjunction with Wellington City Council was pleased to host a Waitangi day celebration in Wellington.

The networking event brought together Wellington leaders including the Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, Mr Mahara Okeroa (Port Nicholson Trust), Mark Te One (Wellington Tenths Trust) and many other business people from the region.

The event provided an opportunity for attendees to come together with their whanau in a relaxed atmosphere to celebrate Waitangi day, enjoy the entertainment on offer on Wellington’s waterfront and extend their business networks.

Te Awe regularly holds events so that business people can have some fun while building up their business networks. The Maori business community has become an important sector of the economy and attending Te Awe events can give you and your business the contacts to expand in that sector and the wider business community.

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