June 2013 - End of an Era Hui

End of an Era Hui. Haere Ra!

On Thursday the 6th June, Te Awe was sad to farewell Peter Johnston and Horiana Irwin-Easthope from the Te Awe Board.

Peter has been the chair of Te Awe Maori Business Network for 8 years. His level of commitment to Te Awe, and passion for Maori business, is immeasurable. Peter stepped down from his role as both a member of the Board and Chair. Horiana also stepped down after four years on the Te Awe Board as she is heading overseas shortly to complete further study. Horiana's youthful enthusiasm and attention to detail will be sorely missed. 

Te Awe is excited to welcome a new chapeter of Te Awe with the apointment of Dr Kathie Irwin (of Hopebrokers Inc) and Mr Wayne Johnston (of AV Media) to the Te Awe Board. We wish them the best of luck!


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