Te Awe Maori Women and Business

On Thursday November 20th Te Awe along with Hope Brokers Inc, Kaua Enterprises and MWDI were proud to host the Maori Women and Business Event. The event had an impressive line up of experienced Mäori women in business including Lynell Tuffery Huria, Teresa Tepania-Ashton and Doris Kaua all sharing their experiences in business. They covered topics from intellectual property and trade marks all they way to insights from within an ITO.

One of the strongest themes to come through from all the speakers was the help and support they had received from family and whanau members. Each personal story was laced with touches of humour and little incidences that we all know too well.

Te Awe’s newest members - Cath and Catherine Nesus were tasked with the running of event and did a great job of keeping it flowing. A great evening that was had by all that attended.

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