Te Awe My Kai Rules Cookoff

On wednesday 8th October, Te Awe was proud to present its very own My Kai Rules Cook Off!

The nights theme was 'Good Food, Good Entertainment' and started off with attendees being split into teams, being given a mystery box of ingredients and were told to go for it! teams were required to make a gourmet slider for each of the three meats provided. Once underway the twist of a mystery ingredient was thrown in, in proper MKR fashion.

Special guest judge Eliott Brookes (who appeared in the 2013 Season 4 of MasterChef New Zealand), judged each team on various categories including taste, presentation and originality.

Teams were also required to create and preform a skit in order to showcase their 'non-culinary' skills and provide the entertainment portion of the evening.

The nights winner was the Wahine Ataahua team with Puha tio tio coming second, Sweet Kumera third and Pounamu Fourth.

Overall the night was deemed a success with the theme 'Good Food, Good Entertainment' being thoroughly fulfilled.

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