Member Information

If you are in business, part of a business, have an interest in business, engage in business expertise, are passionate about Maori businesses, developing a business, have skills and competencies businesses may require then joining Te Awe is a must.

We don’t limit our membership to business owners and operators because Iwi, hapu and whanau play a vital role in Maori business success, therefore non-business owners are also welcome to join.

How much does it cost join?

The initial joining fee is $275 (GST included), thereafter an annual fee of $206.25 applies.

Students pay $55 per year (GST included).

Corporate/Whanau joining fee (for either two persons from the same whanau or two persons from the same organisation) is $343.75 (GST included), thereafter an annual fee of $275 applies.

What does a Te Awe membership offer?

  • Regular high quality networking hui where information and contacts are shared together with great ideas.
  • Exposure to a number of highly successful Maori and non-Maori business leaders presenting and discussing contemporary business issues.
  • Help members keep up to date with current issues affecting Maori.
  • Provides a positive environment where individuals may network and establish relationships with large enterprises that want to utilise the products and services offered by Maori service providers.
  • Save you money by negotiating on your behalf member to member discounts.
  • Encourage you to participate and be recognised for your business achievements in the biannual Te Awe business awards.
  • Experience and celebrate who we are as a people in business e.g whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, and our Maoritanga.

How do I join Te Awe?

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