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Te Awe Membership

Te Awe extends a warm invitation to individuals with diverse connections—whether you have business interests, are part of a whānau, belong to a hapū or iwi, or simply support the Māori business community.  Our doors are open to all, recognising that the success of Māori businesses hinges on the collective efforts of business owners, operators, and the vital contributions of iwi, hapū, and whānau.

Why join Te Awe?

Inclusive Networking Opportunities: Engage in regular high-quality networking hui where valuable information, contacts, and innovative ideas are shared among members.

Insights from Visionary Leaders: Gain exposure to the insights of highly successful Maori and non-Maori business leaders who present and discuss contemporary business issues, providing invaluable perspectives.

Stay Informed: Stay updated on current issues affecting Maori businesses and access a positive environment for networking, fostering relationships with large enterprises seeking products and services offered by Maori service providers.

Cost Savings: Benefit from negotiated member-to-member discounts, saving you money on essential services and products.

Business Awards Recognition: Participate and be recognised for your business achievements in the prestigious biannual Te Awe business awards, celebrating excellence within the community.

Capturing Culture: Experience and celebrate the essence of who we are as a people in business, embracing concepts such as whanaungatanga and manaakitanga.

Te Awe membership is not limited to business owners; it is an inclusive community that welcomes all who share a passion for Māori businesses and contribute to their growth and success.  Join us in building a supportive and thriving network that embraces diversity and fosters collaboration.

How much does it cost to join?

Partnership $1500
  • Promotion of services your business runs
  • Up to Three kaimahi
Corporate/SME $500
  • Two kaimahi per hui
  • Access to forum resources
Individual $150
  • One kaimahi per event
  • Access to forum resources
Guest $25
  • Access to one hui
  • Follow up on interest in forum from

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