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Please deposit the membership total into our bank account

KIWIBANK 38-9020-0525649-00

With reference as "Company name" membership. (Important: Please ensure you reference your company or individual name)

Privacy and disclosure statement

I hereby apply to be a member of Te Awe, and agree to be bound by the rules for the time being contained in the Constitution. I also agree if admitted to pay the annual subscription. I acknowledge that:

  • (a) personal information concerning me provided to Te Awe whether contained in this application or otherwise obtained is provided and may be held, used and disclosed by Te Awe;

    • (i) to enable Te Awe to administer and maintain my membership of Te Awe and to enable Te Awe to provide me all of its membership services;

    • (ii) to enable Te Awe to provide me with advice and information concerning products and services that Te Awe believes may be of interest to me;

    • (iii) to enable Te Awe to communicate with me for any purpose.

  • (b) The personal information provided in this application is collected by and held by Te Awe whose address is P O Box 24107, Wellington.

  • (c) If I fail to provide any information requested in this application Te Awe may be unable to renew my membership and continue to provide services to me.

  • (d) I have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to obtain access to and request correction of any personal information held by Te Awe concerning me. This form constitutes a Tax invoice when payment is received. GST Registration No. 78 887 133. Please retain for your records.

* Tick Āe below to agree.

Authorisation *

I do hereby give permission to Te Awe Wellington Maori Business Network, its agents, and others working under its authority, full and free use of video/photographs containing my image/likeness. I understand these images may be used for promotional, news, research and/or educational purposes. I hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless Te Awe Wellington Maori Business Network and its agents from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action that I may hereafter have by reason of anything contained in the photographs or video. I do further certify that I am either of legal age, or possess full legal capacity to execute the foregoing authorization and release.

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